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  • [NEWS] 《我的第一間梦想家園》 講座會

    [27 September, 2014] 沙巴房地產商公會主席兼京沙建設集團總裁吳華山講解 《我的第一間梦想家園》 講座會。民眾可以下載申請表格, 或按此連接下載講座會簡介

  • [NEWS] Briefing on MyHome Scheme

    [27 September, 2014] Briefing on MyHome Scheme. Timbok Jaya Apartments Talk - Government Incentive of RM30,000 for first time home buyers. MyHome application form can be downloaded here. You may read more about myHome Scheme in his briefing notes.

  • [NEWS] Rebut peluang skim MYHOME, kata Hajiji

    [1 April, 2014] Menteri Kerajaan Tempatan dan Perumahan, Datuk Seri Hajiji Hj Noor menggesa para pemaju perumahan di Sabah serta pembeli rumah pertama kali berumur 18 ke atas supaya merebut peluang yang ditawarkan dibawah skim MyHome yang baru dilancarkan.

  • [NEWS] Sabah to launch 5,001 units of houses under scheme

    [1 April, 2014] State Local Government and Housing Ministry is expected to launch 5,001 units of houses under the MyHome scheme in collaboration with the Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developer Association (Shareda) starting next month.

  • [NEWS] 5,000 MyHome units to be launched in Sabah

    [1 April, 2014] Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Seri Hj Hajiji Hj Noor has urged housing developers and first-time house buyers aged 18 years and above in Sabah to make full use of the opportunities provided for under the newly-launched MyHome scheme.